What is an aluminium extrusion (profile)?

What is a profile?

As mentioned in Wikipedia, a profile is a mechanical part with a constant cross-section such as a circle, square, rectangle, etc., which has a considerable length like a rod. Profiles come in various types including I-beams, round bars, angles, aluminum belts, aluminum extrusion, etc. Due to the high diversity and capability of profiles in various industries including automotive and construction, they are used extensively. Their most common application is in the construction industry, including making doors and windows, metal railings, building columns, metal frameworks, etc.

What is an Aluminium Profile?

Aluminum profiles or aluminum extrusion are special profiles for engineers and those who seek creativity. Industrial aluminum profiles are available in rectangular, square, and circular sections with slott on their surface for installing other components and making it easier to connect them. These products are made of aluminum, which helps you create high-strength structures with low weight. These practical products are produced in a wide range of dimensions and sizes, allowing you to build any structure that comes to your mind. To build a framework, you only need the profile and its accessories such as T nuts, corner brackets, screws, etc, for assembly, without any drilling, welding, and hard processes to connect them.

Aluminium Profile Accessories and Connections

To connect aluminum profiles, you need some special accessories. These connectors can be placed at almost any angle and include various types such as T-bolts and T-nuts, corner brackets, extruded corners, Allen screws, etc. Using these connectors, you can easily adjust the size and shape of the aluminum framework, as this can be done easily and quickly.


T-nuts can be inserted into the groove of an aluminum profile. You can insert the bolt through the end of the profile and tighten it with a screw. Please note that the size of the slot of the profile must match the nut. For example, you should use a profile slot of 6mm and a nut slot of 6mm and if you use a nut with a slot size of 6mm for a profile with a slot size of 8, the bolt will fall out of the groove and it doesn’t work. Therefore, pay attention to this issue to avoid any problems.

Corner Brackets

Corner brackets, which you can use to connect profiles, come in a wide variety that you can use according to your needs. Below is a list of some models that are more commonly used:

  • 90-degree corner bracket
  • T, X, L, 45-degree corner bracket
  • Double corner bracket
  • Internal corner bracket
  • Simple aluminum extruded corner bracket

Other Profile Accessories

Among other profile accessories, handles, leg bases, end caps, and cover strips can be mentioned. In cases where you have created a tool using profiles and need to move it, you can simplify the movement of your device by installing plastic and metal handles on the profile and using wheels. End caps and cover strips are used to prevent the entry of any dust or objects into the profiles, while also looking cleaner and more beautiful.

Aluminum Profile Applications

You can use these products to build a 3D printer, CNC machine, laser cutter, or any other structure. Moreover, they are used in laboratories for shelving, in workshops for workbenches, in homes for making decorative items, and in various industries.

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